• Foyer
  • The RNDM Performing Arts Centre houses a modern and stylish Foyer area available with all venue hires. The Foyer can hold up to 250 people standing with overflow onto the terrace outside the Foyer doors.

    Toilets are available for the general public in the main Foyer either side of the auditorium entry doors, with additional toilets located downstairs (outside the Box Office).

    Please note that the sale or supply of liquor is not permitted.

  • Parking
  • Please note that on show days, we ask that all performers who are driving to the venue to  park on the Oval to allow patrons visiting to use the main carpark. Parking in the surrounding streets is strictly prohibited.

  • Theatre
  • The Foyer opens through double doors to the auditorium which houses a total of 550 fixed seats. Disability seating is available for mobility impaired persons at the rear of the Theatre. Please note that every patron attending an event must hold a valid ticket. Sitting or standing in the aisles is not permitted.

  • Seating and Seating for Children
  • The Theatre is most commonly Reserved Seating but some events may specify General Admission. Customers are asked to check the ticketing page for more information.

    Entry to the Theatre is from the north and south doors of the Foyer.

  • Push Chairs, Prams and Walking Frames
  • Please note that push chairs and prams are not permitted in the Theatre. These items must be left in the Foyer.

    Walking frames are permitted to gain entry to the Theatre but our staff may request to relocate these to the Foyer before the event commences. 

  • Photographs and Videos
  • Videoing or photographing any show is strictly prohibited. Patrons using video or photography devices (including mobile phones) will be asked to delete any content. Failure to comply may result in you being asked to leave.

  • Foyer Café
  • The RNDM Performing Arts Centre has an operating Café in the Foyer which is open during events. This facility offers food and drink refreshments. Please note that the Foyer Cafe is fully managed and staffed by The RNDM Performing Arts Centre. 

  • Merchandise
  • Please note that any merchandise you wish to sell needs to be approved by venue management. Details of what you are selling and the price need to be submitted to the Theatre Manager prior to your event day.


  • Ticketing Systems
  • The RNDM Performing Arts Centre has a self managed ticketing system for events held at the Centre. All events must be ticketed.

    Please note that clients must use The RNDM Performing Arts Centre’s ticketing system and use of other ticketing systems or outlets is not permitted. Please contact venue management for further details.

  • Ticketing Information
  • You must complete our online form to submit your ticketing information. Details such as the show name, ticket prices, comp tickets and start times will be required to be submitted at least 2 months prior to your event.

  • Pre-sale Tickets
  • Tickets can be sold on The RNDM Performing Arts website before your event. Clients are given an online account to manage their ticket sales including pricing, event dates and complimentary tickets.

  • Door Sales and Box Office
  • The Box Office will be open for most events 1 hour before the show begins. Tickets can be purchased at the door should the event have not sold out.

  • House Seats
  • A total of 8 House Seats are held on reserve for every event. These seats are not part of our seating capacity so they will not impact your ticket sales.


  • Stage Dimensions
  • The RNDM Performing Arts Centre's floating timber stage has the following dimensions:

    • Proscenium Width - 12 meters
    • Stage Depth (to stage edge) - 10.53 meters
    • Thrust Depth (orchestra pit) - 3.20 meters (at centre)
    • Trim / Border Height - 6.5 meters
    • Stage to Gantry - 13.5 meters
    • Stage Right Wing Space - 11.1 x 3.9 meters
    • Stage Left Wing Space - 11.1 x 5.93 meters

    Click here for a Stage Floor Plan.

  • Orchestra Pit
  • A full Orchestra Pit located at the front of the stage is available for use. The pit is driven by motorised hydraulics and can be operated to 3 positions:

    • Stage Level
    • Seating Level (standard)
    • Basement Level

    Persons are not permitted to ride on the Orchestra Pit while it is moving.

  • Stage Marking and Tape
  • Please note that masking tape cannot be used on our stage. Clients are requested to use electrical PVC type tape. All tape must be removed at the end of an event - charges apply if incorrect tape is used.

  • Loading Dock
  • The loading dock is located on stage right. Please note that only trucks under 3T can fit into the loading dock. The dock door sizing is as below:
    • Door Width - 3 metres
    • Door Height - 3 metres

  • Props and Set
  • Any props bought into the venue are subject to an inspection from Venue Management and must be compliant with our rules and regulations. Any items that require power must be tested and tagged in compliance with ANZ3760. Items not tested and tagged are not permitted to be used.

  • Fly Systems
  • The fly system contains 8 steel batons lifted by Jands 500p Motorised Winches. Each baton is approximately 13 meters in length and has a SWL of 400KG (excluding line 8 which is rated to 200KG). The lines are fully programmable and speed adjustable via the SAX-P1 Remote Control which can be used either side of stage. The centre has 8 manual hands H200P-H hand winches; 4 x LX Bars, 4 x borders. All legs are dead hung from the grid. Please ask Venue Management for more information if required.

    Please note that a rigger may be required for the hanging of any set pieces. Additional charges apply.

  • Hanging Plot (DS to US)
  • • Line 8 - Empty
    • Line 7 - Inhouse Projector Screen
    • Line 6 - Empty
    • Line 5 - Mid Stage Tabs
    • Line 4 - Empty
    • Line 3 - Empty
    • Line 2 - Empty
    • Line 1 - U.S. Tabs

  • Stage Drapes
  • • 1 x Full Red Front of House Curtain (electronic)
    • 1 x Mid Stage Black Tabs (flown or draw string operated)
    • 1 x Up Stage Black Tabs (in front of cyclorama, flown or draw string operated)
    • 2 x 2mx7.2m Black Legs
    • 6 x 3mx7.2m Black Legs
    • 1 x White Scrim

  • Lighting Systems
  • A full lighting system including moving lights, smoke and haze effects is available in our venue. Please speak to Venue Management for more details about our lighting rig.
    Please note that charges apply for the use of our lighting systems.

  • Sound System
  • A full sound system is installed in the venue. The venue's preference is that all music is given to our Sound Technician on USB format. A selection of wireless microphones are available. Please contact us for more information regarding equipment and availability. Please ensure your music is correctly labelled as incorrect music may delay rehearsals.

  • Vision
  • A Epson Digital Projector is available for use with options to project onto our standard screen or cyclorama. A video playback computer is available or clients can bring their own laptop, providing it has an HDMI connection.

    Please ensure that PowerPoint presentations and videos are in widescreen format (16:9 ratio). Please note that for events where video playback is apart of your performance, we ask that video files are edited to incorporate the audio.

    Charges apply for use of the projection equipment.

  • Talk Back
  • A Jands Talk Back system is installed in the Centre. The master station is located at the Stage Manager's desk with belt packs to the following:

    • 3x Bio Box (lighting, sound and vision)
    • 1x Stage Right (fly system operator)
    • 1x Gantry (follow spot position)

    Talk Back points are located throughout the venue. Additional Talk Back is available upon request, additional charges may apply.

  • Dressing Rooms
  • Dressing rooms are located on stage right of the Theatre:

    • Main Dressing Room - Max. 40 performers
    • Green Room - Max. 20 performers
    • Dressing Room 1 - Max 20. performers
    • Dressing Room 2 - Max 20. performers

    Quick change areas can be setup side stage providing they are not blocking any fire exits, stairs or doors.

  • Smoke, Haze and Pyrotechnics
  • The RNDM Performing Arts Centre has a fully controlled smoke detection system which can be isolated for the use of smoke and haze effects. Confetti cannons are permitted, however additional cleaning charges apply. The use of pyrotechnics or open flame effects (including cold spark effects) are only permitted with approval from Venue Management.

  • Food/Drinks Backstage
  • No food or drink are permitted backstage, with the exception of water bottles that have a lid. Any performer, staff or crew member eating or drinking backstage will be asked to move to the Dressing Rooms.

  • Posters and Signage
  • You are welcome to attach show running orders backstage using Blu Tack to any walls. Tape and stables are not permitted. Please ensure all signage is removed after your event has finished as additional cleaning charges apply.

  • First Aid
  • Clients are expected to have at least one member of their staff who is first aid trained. Selected staff at The RNDM Performing Arts Centre are trained in first aid, however, if we are dealing with children we do prefer the assistance to come from their registered teachers.

    Ice packs are stored in the Theatre Office and a First Aid Kit is available in the Office and Foyer.

  • Clear Areas
  • All fire exits and passageways must remain clear for the duration of your hire period. Props, costumes and changing areas must be kept in the designated areas. All areas marked with red back stage are to be kept clear at all times.


  • Stage Door
  • All performers and staff must enter the venue via the Stage Door. Access via the Foyer is not permitted on rehearsal or show days. Props, costumes etc can also be bought into the venue via the Stage Door or loading dock.

    A Stage Door Manager is required to sign in every performer. This is a requirement for health and safety. A log of who is in the venue must be kept incase of an evacuation.

  • Rehearsal Finish Times
  • Rehearsals must conclude at least 1 hour prior to the start of a show. The stage will be closed for performances 60 minutes prior to the start of your show. All performers must remain in Dressing Rooms until called. Theatre Doors will be to the opened to the public 30 minutes prior to the start of your show.

  • Intermission
  • All shows must include a 20 minute intermission. Shows over 4 hours require a 30 minute intermission. Chimes will automatically sound 5 minutes before the performance is due to recommence.

  • Filming of Events
  • The RNDM Performing Arts Centre has one dedicated space for camera setup. This area is in Row P, at the rear of the Theatre. Cameras may not be setup in aisles or other seating rows. A XLR point (line level) with a feed from our PA system is available as well as power.

    Please note we do not provide tap microphones. Ambient audio records are the responsibility of the person carrying out the record.

    It is requested that persons setting up and filming events arrive at least 1 hour prior to the start of the show, turning up after this may result in you not being able to setup and test before the show.

    All filming contractors are required to complete a Film Release form before filming any event.

  • Venue Curfews
  • Please note that all hirers are subject to comply with our venue curfews. The RNDM Performing Arts Centre is available for hire in the times listed below:

    • Monday to Saturday: 9:00am-10:00pm
    • Sunday: 9:00am-5:00pm

    All events (including patrons leaving, bump out and clean up) must be completed within the curfew times.


  • Marketing Your Event
  • Please note that when marketing your event, the details you are permitted to advertise are as follows:

    The RNDM Performing Arts Centre

    Sacred Heart College

    Hocking Parade, Sorrento

    The use of the Sacred Heart Logo on any marketing material is not permitted.

  • Online Promotion
  • All events held at the RNDM Performing Arts Centre are promoted on our website. We will request marketing materials from clients and this will be published on our website. Your event will also be published on the College's upcoming events page (

  • Poster Frames
  • There are 2 large poster frames available on either side of the Foyer Café. Sizing is 1150w x 2040h. Please contact us for pricing options.


  • Staffing Requirements
  • The RNDM Performing Arts Centre has a minimum number of staff that must be onsite for all events.

    For Rehearsals: Min. 2 Technical Staff (Lighting, Sound)

    For Shows: Min. 2 Technical Staff, min. 2 Front of House Staff

    All labour costs will be quoted based on information provided by the hirer. While we do our best to estimate costs, actual time worked will be billed post event.


Interested in hiring our venue? Please complete our Hire Our Venue online form to obtain a obligation free quote.